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Florian Alexandru-Zorn, born in 1984, got his first drumkit by the age of 9, but has played with a local BigBand before. He was teached by renowned German drummer Michael Küttner at the Music High School in Mannheim.
His book “The Complete Guide To Playing Brushes”, published via Alfred piublishing, has become a Standard and brought not only national but also international acknowledgement. Florian soon after started giving workshops all over Europe and played with artist such as Jost Nickel, Steve Smith, to name but a few.
His style includes a wide array from Jazz over to World Music, to Hip Hop and Drum’n Bass. In 2009 he toured with the European Masterclass BigBand (Peter Herbolzheimer), plays with Poland’s Star Guitarist Romuald Erenc, a Jazz Group with Prof. Thomas Stabenow, and with his own Trio called F.A.Z..
With his new DVD Florian Alexandru-Zorn has assembled the most comprehensive and clear concept for brush technique for every drummer ever available. This DVD will totally reveal the secret of playing brushes not by giving mindless and endless patterns but by gathering every concept for each playing style and genre from Jazz to Funk or even Reggae.
The Brush Secret is both suitable for beginners and advanced players. It’ll give you the freedom behind the drumset that you will need to apply your own voice to the brushes.

• Sweeping Concepts
• 17 different genre typical declaration
• Interviews and short lessons with:
1. Jost Nickel
2. Mike Johnston
3. Benny Greb
4. Stanton Moore
• Percussion adaptions
• How to record the brushes


• Duo Performance with Christian Kussmann on bass
• Trio Performance with F.A.Z. (Bernd Kiltz-guitar, Christian Kussmann-bass)
• Framedrumsolo
• 17 mp3 bassloops to play along

This DVD is setting the bar in new brush concepts. A must have for every drummer that wants to get the freedom to express himself behind the drumset.

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